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[cdt-dev] Need to know how to debug the indexer

It seems that there was a discussion a while back on how to debug the indxer and adding some code to support a logging function. Did anything happen?

I have a project with 400+ files and the indexer always hangs on a particular file. I typed on the command line "gcc - E -P -v -dD include-dirs file.c" and an output is generated with no errors. How do I determine what the indexer is doing?

How do I go about debugging this?
  My System
  Windows XP
  Eclispe SDK 3.3M4
  CDT SDK 4.0.0M4

What I have tried:
  Created a .options file containing the following:

I executed the following command
  eclipse -debug .options

The results:
An extra DOS console window opened up and printed several diagnostic messages up to the point of loading the project. Nothing else printed afterwards. Nothing printed during the Rebuild Index operation.

Do I need to add the entire CDT as a project and run it in debug mode?

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