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[cdt-dev] Re-building with project references

I’m not sure if this is by design, or there is something wrong that I am doing. So I thought that I better ask.


This is the scenario I have à


I have 2 projects ProjA & ProjB. ProjA is dependent on ProjB. To specify this, I set the “Project References” for ProjA (check-marked ProjB).

This works fine when I have “Build Automatically” turned ON.


Now when I have “Build Automatically” turned OFF, the build options (“Build Project” and “Rebuild Project”) get enabled. When I select ProjA and do a “Build Project”, the incremental builder kicks in, and this works fine. However, when I do a “Rebuild Project”, it causes a rebuild (make clean all) of *both* projects. My intention is to just rebuild ProjA, without having to do a rebuild of ProjB. How can I achieve this?. If there is something that I can tweak in the Builder plugins to customize this for me, where should I start looking at ?


I’m using Eclipse 3.1.2 and CDT 3.0.2 (sorry to be so old J).


Thanks in advance,




Sridhar Sailappan

Senior Software Engineer

Xilinx Inc,

San Jose, CA, USA

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