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[cdt-dev] help : I have some problem using CDT code completion

I have a problem to use CDT plugin.
I created C++ class. for example CTest
and next I want to acess member variable of CTest
So I coded like below
CTest.m_XXX or CTest->m_XXX
After type "CTest." or "CTest->" ,
eclipse is very slow.
So I couldn't do anything in eclipse after type "class_name.member_variable"
Maybe eclipse found CTest's members, but eclipse can't display CTest's members.
after 10 - 20 seconds, I can use eclipse.
but java project can work normally.
My system is a good to use eclipse
Intel CPU 1.7Ghz process and 1 G memory
I tested again after change jdk version from 1.5.0_09 to 1.4.2_12 but It is equal
Is ther anyone to solve my problem?
I'll wait !!
eclipse : 3.2.1
cdt version : 3.1.1

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