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[cdt-dev] Movies available from CDT wiki

Hey gang,


I have finally started using the Camtasia copy I go a few months ago to create screencasts of various things. The first one I’ve done is to show how I set up Firefox in a CDT project. Hopefully it is easier to see visually than follow text instructions. It was my first time using Camtasia and I did learn a lot. The narration skips a bit and at the end isn’t very lined up with the screen contents, so please excuse. I’ll do the narration as I’m capturing the screen next time.


It is available in the new Movies section on our wiki page (


Also, as I’ve started here, when creating new pages on the wiki, please prefix the page with ‘CDT:’, e.g. CDT:Movies. We can use that as a namespace to avoid conflicts with the other projects that we share the wiki with.



Doug Schaefer
QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead



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