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[cdt-dev] FW: CDT feedback

Another happy user who is helping us test the CDT in new scenarios.

Doug Schaefer
QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrei Chichak [mailto:andrei@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 8:31 PM
To: dschaefer@xxxxxxx
Subject: CDT feedback

Let me start by saying THANK YOU. Finally an affordable IDE that is 
better than the UNIX or VMS tools from the '80s.

Anyway, sorry, I needed that.

I have been working with Eclipse and CDT for a few weeks now and have 
noticed that a few of the controls are not quite working properly 
(primarily in the project properties screens) and I was wondering who 
I should tell.

I am doing embedded C programming for PIC, HC12 and 68332 using a 
variety of gnu and non-gnu compilers, so I am testing the nooks and 
crannies where a lot of people don't go. I am using the latest 
versions on Windoze.

Once again, thank you for bring out CDT, and let me know how I can be 
a set of testing eyes.


Andrei Chichak

Systems Developer
CBF Systems
#3054, 8308-114 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2E1
V: (780) 628-2072
F: (780) 628-5542 

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