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[cdt-dev] Re: CDT 4.0 plans

Title: Re: CDT 4.0 plans

> O.K. I think I have it all back together. If there is something missing, especially in the component plans section,
> please feel free to add/edit. So far for component plans, I've only copied over what we had before and added a
> couple of things I plan on working on, i.e. Windows SDK integration and documentation.

FWIW, regarding the "Windows C/C++ SDK Support" add-on feature -- the bugs I logged regarding declaration/definition navigation arise from the particular kind of project setup you'll likely be using (i.e. all the SDK headers outside the workspace).  So it would be nice to mark that bugs 158190, 158192, 158193, and 158194 are part of this feature.

-- Ed

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