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[cdt-dev] Extending the CDT


I'm involved in a project that is attempting to reuse a lot of the functionality of the CDT to create an IDE for the SystemC language, which is really just a superset of C++.  Things have been going well up to this point, so thank you for creating such a wonderfully extensible IDE.  I have a few questions about the capability of extending the CDT in order to accomplish some of our tasks.

1.  SystemC has a collection of Macros and Classes that we would like to treat as keywords.  Is it possible to add these to the CDT's list of keywords in order to obtain syntax highlighting (after extending CEditor)?

2.  SystemC is essentially a class library for C++.  Is it possible to direct the managed build system of the CDT, using a preferences page we design, to add the path to the SystemC libraries?

I apologize if I am not asking this in the right place.

Thank you in advance,

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