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Re: AW: [cdt-dev] Possible additions to Wiki

Ploett, Norbert wrote
> Hi Andre,

> >  - Plug-ins for CDT ( unlinked prototype:
> )
> "Plug ins" is very general. Are you thinking of 
> - "contributed" stuff, i.e. CDT additions which are "free", i.e. coming
> with a EPL style license. This would make your page a platform for
> drawing attention and possibly getting others to help improving the
> plug-ins.
> - commercial CDT additions. This would make your page an advertisement
> platform for CDT based software vendors. Which is not bad in itself. I
> just want to show the different directions that such a page could be
> taking.

Fair point. I had been thinking of the second version, though there is certainly room for both, though because of their different focus wouldn't be on the same page.

I hadn't realised until yesterday that there was "Eclipse Plugins Central", but as I pointed out in a previous e-mail there is no option to filter by targeted module (CDT for example), which I think would almost be more beneficial than duplicating specfic entries of the directory.
> >  - Release notes, for changes, fixes and enhancements for each
> official version. Currently I don't know how I would generate them or
> whether they are already available else where?
> As we talked yesterday at the conference call, I think release notes
> should be a community effort i.e. each committer who completes a feature
> / a bugfix can then (proudly) add a notice of his/her contribution to
> the release notes, which could well be a wiki page or, alternatively a
> html page which is somewhere under version control in CVS.

This would be good, though I am curious whether listing the fixes based on Bugzilla changes could be a first step? After that we can add a notice of who fixed, changed and added what. Generally in projects I have worked on anything that gets added or changed warrants any entry in the "bug" tracking system.


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