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[cdt-dev] Europa Milestones

Hey gang,


As a part of the Europa simultaneous release, we will be asked to ship along with the Europa milestones. You can find out more about Europa from the wiki:


The current plan is for Europa milestones to start in sync with the Platform 3.3 M5 milestone. Being a tier 1 project (i.e. only depend on Platform) we would release 1 week after the Platform does. This would mean we would need to be ready as follows:


M5 – Feb 16

M6 (API Freeze) – March 30

M7/RC0 (Feature Freeze) – May 11

Final RC – June 15

GA – June 29


Now this starts pretty late, I would recommend that we also look at releasing along with M4 + 1 week which would be Dec 22, just in time for Christmas.


Now the key to successful milestones will be to target certain functionality for these milestones so that our user base can try out these new features and give us feedback. We’ll need to work together to make sure we have a good milestone plan and good quality milestones. We can talk about how to do that at tomorrow’s CDT monthly call.



Doug Schaefer
QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead



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