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RE: [cdt-dev] PDOM Index updates

Is there is a less costly operation than "Rebuild Index" to get the PDOM to be in sync with the code? e.g. If i am looking for an element of some particular name can I invoke some API that goes through the PDOM, finds matches and makes sure that the info in the PDOM is up-to-date?

cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 09/29/2006 05:27:44 PM:

> Comments below.

> Doug Schaefer
> QNX Software Systems
> Eclipse CDT Project Lead

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] PDOM Index updates

> Hello,
> I have some of query regarding PDOM index
> 1. How often does PDOM updates its index db/ how does the index get updated ?

> [Doug>] This is what the indexer does.
> 2. Does it listen to CElementDelta ?
> [Doug>] Yes. Check out the PDOMManager class, elementChanged method.
> It generally only indexes when ITranslationUnits change.

> 3. Is there a method/way to update pdom index (not rebuild index) on
> demand? if so how ?

> [Doug>] I guess you could. Make sure you acquire the write lock on
> the PDOM you are writing to first. Again, check out the
> implementation of the indexers to see how.

> Thanks and Regards,
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