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[cdt-dev] open decl/defn navigation issues feedback?


I saw Markus fixed bug 158195 (fixing C++ vs C parsing of headers),
thanks!  But the others are kind of dormant after a week.  I did get
some CC:'s on the bugs, but no comments or discussion as anticipated.  

Has anyone else ever reproduced these problems?  The key distinction,
unlike the Mozilla case, is that my setup has most of its includes in a
non-workspace SDK include directory. 

case sensitive path checks on Win32: 158190
MSVC extensions: bug 158192
incorrect editor opened: bug 158193
open include in same directory as fallback: 158194

I think 158190 is vital for CDT's success on Win32.  158192 I think will
hit even gcc/Cygwin users on Win32, e.g. using the mingw Win32 SDK
headers.  158193's symptoms have been mentioned in several other bugs
(142031, which is marked "worksforme" but doesn't forme and 130740,
which I believe my patches address).  158194 is necessary to jump from
one type to another if both are in external #includes.  In all honesty I
think these are major blockers to using the navigation features.


-- Ed

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