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RE: [cdt-dev] Moving CDT 4.0 to Java 1.5

Fair enough. CDT 4.0 is scheduled for June of next year so we have time.
Most people I know are using the Sun VM on Linux anyway, or at least that's
a short term alternative (sorry, that's not meant as a slam on gcj).

Doug Schaefer
QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead

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On Wed, 2006-27-09 at 09:36 -0400, Doug Schaefer wrote:
> There is a lot of interest in moving to Java 1.5 for CDT 4.0. Before
> we decide to do this we need to make sure everyone is able to use Java
> 1.5 for their run-times.

We (gcj) are not currently able to do 1.5 stuff but anticipate being
able to do so soon.  I'm not going to vote, but I just wanted to make
this clear if it was in question.


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