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RE: [cdt-dev] InputOrder element

The InputOrder element is not implemented, and in any case, I don’t think it would help you.  It is meant to support ordering of the inputs to a tool on a command line.  


Regarding the tool invocation order, MBS generates a makefile and make determines the order based upon the dependencies identified in the makefile.  The target tool tells make what output(s) make needs to ensure are up to date.  It is then up to make to determine what tools need to run and in what order.  In order to ensure that one tool runs before another, a tool has to “consume” the output of the other tool.  This is done through input and output types.




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  For my toolchain (built on MBS 3.0.2), I have a requirement where a tool should

be invoked first (before the C compiler tool).

As I understand, the order of invoking tools is primarily dependent on the order/sequence

of inputType (s) to the target tool (linker in this case).


From what I read, the "InputOrder" element should be useful.

So, I added an inputType element (ordered 1st) for the linker (with build variable=PSM_FILE, which matches that of the outputType for the bool tool).

To this, I added an inputOrder element with:




But this results in strange behaviour.

Building my project stops at an empty file.


Am I using the "inputOrder" element in the correct manner?

Or is it that support for this element is not present in 3.0.2?


I currently work around this problem by adding $(PSM_FILE) an 'additionalDependency' for the 'C compiler' inputType.

But this is not at all optimal, since it results in rebuilding *all* C sources for a change in $(PSM_FILE), even if the

corresponding .d didn't deem it necessary.




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