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[cdt-dev] Debugging on Eclipse using ThreadArch debugger


I am new to using Eclipse.

I am using eclipse to debug programs with ThreadArch debugger.
But while debugging I am not able to debug after a break point
is placed.

The first breakpoint was placed at main which is given in the
Debugger configuration window.After invoking GDB it stops at 
that break point and step-in will take me to the break point
that is placed manually by me but then the debugging control does
not pass that line whatever command I give in Debug perspective.

Resume/Step-in/step-out just does not help after that.The debugging
does not pass that line.

I have previously used eclipse for debugging using ARM debugger.But then 
it worked fine.

I can send the input log file which contains the commands 
given to the rpine-elf32-gdb by eclipse GUI and also the output log.

I would be greatful if you can help me out of this.

Kanthi Rekha.T

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