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[cdt-dev] Introduction...

Title: Introduction...


I'm working on Nokia's Carbide.c++ Eclipse/CDT-based product (in the same group as debugger committer Ken Ryall), focusing on its UI Designer's C++ source and Symbian resource generation.  In a previous life I worked on the Metrowerks Codewarrior C/C++ toolchain.  Coming from this perspective, I'm pleased with the direction of CDT's architecture.  The changes in 3.1 and those proposed for 4.0 are especially interesting.  I think we all are excited about what CDT can do for us -- and what we can do for CDT. 

In this regard, I was asked to spend part of my time looking into the causes of and solutions for some of our usability issues with CDT.  While the core seems to be in good (and improving!) shape, the end user doesn't always get this impression due to some of the areas where the two halves don't quite meet.  (A notable exception is the awesome Open Type dialog in 3.1.)

I'll make occasional reports to this list to discuss any issues for which I find reasonable solutions or small features which we'd like to develop, with followups in Bugzilla for workable patches.  I know I'm coming at this as an outsider, so I don't want to seem presumptuous or step on any toes -- feel free to point me to any assigned bug reports or shoo me away from something already undergoing [re|in]novation.  ;) 

Ed Swartz
Senior Software Engineer, IDE Solutions

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