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[cdt-dev] Skype connection for Summit

O.K. gang, this will definitely be an experiment. I apologize in advance if we have issues, but my tests worked so we’ll give it a shot.


The SkypeCast is available at the following link:


There is a 5 hour limit in these things so we’ll need to renew it during lunch time.


One thing I noticed is that random people join these things just to see what is happening. You don’t get much more open than this. I’ll be the host of the skypecast and my id will be ‘dougschaefer’. I will have full control over who’s mike is open versus not. If you want the floor, send me an instant message over skype and I’ll grant. I may just end up opening all mikes if things work out.


I have a PC that will be running the audio and it will be logged in as ‘cdtdoug’ (in case you notice his mike open and yours not). It will be hooked into the sound system. If you find the volume too low, let me know. I’ll actually be monitoring it from my laptop from time to time as well.


Hopefully this works. I’m crossing my fingers,


Doug Schaefer

QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead


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