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[cdt-dev] Looking for instructions on how to check version 3.1.1 of the CDT source


I submitted a bugzilla against the CDT, and now I've been asked to verify that the fix is in. The comment says that the fix is in 3.1.1 and the HEAD. When I look in the CDT projects in CVS, I don't see any tag that says 3_1_1. I do see CDT_3_1_0.

In the source that's in CVS for Eclipse itself, there is a map file in the releng project which can be checked out with the release tag on it, like 3.2. In that map file is a list of projects and tags to use for that version.

I looked in the CDT releng project, and found, but the tags there use what looks like an extra level of indirection. The tag it uses is @cdtTag@. At least that's how I'm interpreting that.

Are there instructions on line somewhere as to how to check out a particular version of the CDT? I looked on the CDT wiki and the developer resources but didn't find anything.

Thanks for your consideration,

- Corey

Corey Ashford
Software Engineer
IBM Linux Technology Center, Linux Toolchain
Beaverton, OR

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