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[cdt-dev] Eclipse hangs with file on WIndows

Hi Folks
I came across a problem while using Eclipse 3.2 with CDT 3.1. But not sure if I should raise this as a bug for CDT, since it's actually a Windows limitation.
The problem came up because I had a file ( in my project. This file was created on a non-Windows box. But I mapped the project to Windows. Windows has a limitation - that no file can be name as aux. Please see this link for more details -
On Windows, this file cannot be opened or read. So, when I create a project, CDT code was trying to read this file and it hangs. The location where it hangs is:
File - (org.eclipse.cdt.core)
Line No. 584 - int bytesRead =, count, hints - count); 
When I created the same project with CDT 3.0, this problem did not come.
So, let me know if I should raise a bug for this.

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