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[cdt-dev] C source file characteristics

  I have made use of the "org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions" extension
point to create my own toolchain.
Now, when I create a managed make C project with my toolchain plugin, I add a
'C source file' (toplevel.c). This has the standard 'C source icon'. It also has a + sign, which
when expanded, displays contents similar to what appears in the 'Outline view'
I now add a 'C source folder' to the project.
The minute I do this, the original characteristics of toplevel.c change (icon changes and + sign disappears).
Note that this does not happen if I add a 'plain' folder to the project (instead of a 'Source folder').
Have I missed out on adding some functionality to my toolchain plugin, which is causing this behaviour?

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