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RE: [cdt-dev] Rebuilding managed build project on properties change

Hi Vladimir,

> it appears that you're right about standard CDT. I've observed the
> when testing "toolset-global options" -- options that affect not just
> tool, but several of them. (I plan to sumbit that feature when it's
> ready)
[Mikhail] Are you talking about some new functionality you are
implementing? I'm asking because MBS already contains the shared
(tool-chain) option functionality that in conjunction with the Option
Value Handler mechanism is intended to be used for tool-chain wide
setting modifications including modifying option for multiple tools.

> Can you tell me how changes in CDT tool properties currently cause a
> rebuild, 
> so that I can figure out why the same code does not work for my new
> options?
[Mikhail] Most of the MBS model objects (Configuration, ToolChain, Tool,
Option) maintain the rebuild state that gets set to "rebuild" when the
property of the object is changed.
The rebuild states are analyzed and the set of resources affected by the
MBS Model changes is calculated. This is done by the MBS Build Model.
The affected resources are then removed and rebuild.
See org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.buildmodel.BuildDescriptionManager
class and the implementation of the 
ild() method.
The build/rebuild itself is caused by the .cdtbuild file update that is
performed while persisting the MBS properties.


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