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[cdt-dev] BestMatchHover gets called regardless of preference settings

Hi folks,
we are currently trying to figure out how the diverse text hovers (extension point org.eclipse.cdt.ui.textHovers) can be controlled from the preference settings (C/C++ -> Editor -> Tab Hovers)
The thing is that even if I disable all hovers in the preferences then still the BestMatchHover gets called. The BestMatchHover seems to go through a list of hovers in a predefined order and just return the first string that a hover returns. Neither in the BestMatchHover nor in the other implementations of the called hovers (CSourceHover, CDocHover, DebuggerTextHover, AnnotationHover) have I found any code that seems to be evaluating the preferences so all in all they seem to be without effect.
This is a bug. Is this a bug?
Thanks for more information,
Norbert Ploett

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