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RE: [cdt-dev] Rebuilding managed build project on properties change

Hi Vladimir,

What version of CDT are you using? 
The scenario with property change should work correctly in CDT 3.1 since
MBS should clean the affected generated resources during the build in
case the option values are changed.

If this does not work for you please raise a bug in bugzilla and attach
a sample project that does not build as expected.


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At the moment, when I change properties of a managed make project, a
is automatically initiated. Unfortunately, that does not help when I,
example, change compiler options, because make is not capable of
when command line options change.

As result, user might end up with binaries that no longer correspond to 
project properties.

I see two solutions to this problem:

- Adding dependency from all targets to all makefiles
- Automatically cleaning project when properties change

The first approach looks a bit problematic for me, as getting right 
dependencies if there are several directories can be tricky.

The second approach is not so hard to implement, and the attached patch 
implements it. However, I wanted to discuss one point before adding this

patch to bugzilla. At the moment, clean is done unconditionally. The 
motivation is to be on the safe side. Does this look OK? Should the code

pop-up a dialog asking if project should be cleaned? That can please 
power-users, but the dialog can quickly become annoying.


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