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RE: [cdt-dev] Summit Agenda

Hi Doug,


Can you add to the conference list three more people from Texas Instrument?

Paul Gingrich

Brian Cruickshank

Dobrin Alexiev



We recently hooked up our debugger engine as a non GDB CDI debugger.

Along with that we did bunch of usability enhancements to CDT and Eclipse.

I was wandering if the community would be interested to see a demo of these enhancements.

If so, I can do a demo at the conference and discuss what we did to put these in the product.


Here are some of the enhancements:

Launch and debugger:

            - Low level debugging – no projects and/or program required.

            - Support for dynamic symbols – adding and removing of symbols.  

            - Debug Active Project – hiding the launch concept for beginners.

            - Losing and recovering the connection to the debug target in the middle of a debug session.

            - Enhanced breakpoint support – hardware breakpoints, symbolic breakpoints – giving more control to the back end debugger.

            - Requesting the list of global variables from the debugger instead of the program file.

View enhancements:

            - Disassembly View – viewing the whole memory range, not only the current function.

            - Showing virtual vs physical memory in the memory view

            - Adding new breakpoints from a combo box in the Breakpoint View

            - Selecting a start address form a combo box in both Memory and Disassembly View

            - Added a drop down in the _expression_, Registers and Variables views for modifying of enums.

            - Modifying values in the _expression_ View

            - GUI testing infrastructure





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Hey gang,


I have done a little work on the agenda and have updated the wiki. You can see it at:


One thing of note is that the agenda proper ends at noon on Thursday. I have slotted Thursday afternoon as a “code clinic” where we can bring the discussions right down to the code level. People are free to stay and follow along but it will get pretty dry pretty quick. So if you want to catch an afternoon flight out on Thursday, you won’t miss too much J.


Also, I have slotted time at the beginning for each organization to introduce itself. I think it would help a lot of we understand more about ourselves, what we do with the CDT, and help finalize the agenda.


As always, please let me know if you have anything to add/change/remove.


Doug Schaefer

QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead



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