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[cdt-dev] Cool numbers from Ian

I hope everyone is following Planet Eclipse ( Ian, the Eclipse director of marketing, had the following to say from an Evens Data survey they did:


2. We also asked a question to determine which Eclipse projects were being used or planned to be use. No surprise that JDT came out on top with 57.5% but CDT came in second with 47.3%. I think this is amazing and a big congratulations to Doug and the CDT team. Could there be a day when more people are actually using CDT than JDT?”


This is very cool and the Eclipse Foundation staff is very impressed with the work we’ve done to make this happen. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone in the CDT community because it is you who really help make this happen. A good community spawns big communities and I think we have one of the best communities anywhere in open source.



Doug Schaefer

QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead



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