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RE: [cdt-dev] PathEntryUtil should honor cygwin absolute paths

Hi Norbert,


My point is that the path translation should be performed in the Build System within the mechanism of path entry from option values calculation. See the org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.internal.core.ManagedBuildInfo.getManagedBuildValues() method for more info.

When calculating the path entries, paths specified in the option values should be translated to OS path if necessary and Path entries containing regular OS paths should be created.

The tool definition may provide the path translation mechanism by specifying a java call-back. Build System would define a public implementation of such a call-back that would translate cygwin paths into windows paths, so windows tool definitions might reuse this call-back.




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I found the place in the PathEntryUitl by tracing the message in the Problems back to it's source. I am not quite sure where to start in the MBS. I mean a PathTranslator class could be specified per toolchain or even per tool, but who will evaluate the information. Can you give me a pointer, where the strategic place for a change would be?






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I guess the logic of path conversion should reside in the Build System, but not in the Path Entry mechanism, since it’s the build system who knows what tool-chain is being used and how the tool-chain treats path information. The Path Entry in its turn should work with OS paths as it does now.

So I propose making the enhancement in the Build System if necessary to properly convert the include path information when calculating path entries.





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