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[cdt-dev] PathEntryUtil should honor cygwin absolute paths

Hi folks,
here is something I encountered:
defined a new project type for managed make. The toolchain is win32 / cygwin. The compiler gets a few additional include paths which are absolute cygwin style paths, like so: "/aud/aud_dev/windows_tools/i586-aud-linux/includeAuD" I like to do this because the additional #includes will be installed in location which is constant only relative to the cygwin root.
When I create a new project with these settings I get a warning in the problems window:
Invalid project path: Include path not found (\aud\aud_dev\windows_tools\i586-aud-inux\includeAuD).  
Looking into the code for a little, here is where I see the problem:
class PathEntryUtil:
 private static boolean isValidExternalPath(IPath path) {
  if (path != null) {
   File file = path.toFile();
   if (file != null) {
    return file.exists();
  return false;
The path is simply fed into a Java File and, no wonder, this fails for my configuration. Before trying this there should be a test whether the tool which has this path is a cygwin tool, and if this is so, then the path must be translated first.
There was some discussion about how to find this out already and I see two  approaches:
a) Pragmatic: If the first attempt fails, test whether eclipse is running on Windows, if that is so then try to convert the path a la cygwin and retry.
b) Clean: Find out from the toolchain settings whether this tool needs a path conversion and if so then do the conversion before testing the existence of the include path.
Any suggestions on this? Especially I would like to know whether the information is already present somewhere in the MBS settings or available via the scanner discovery framework resp. a place where it would just be a minor extension to get the information.
Thanks for opinions

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