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[cdt-dev] extending VariablesView?


I am writing a plugin that contains a new debug view. The plugin is primarily for use with CDT.

Having looked around the Callisto sources, it looks like extending VariablesView would be the way to go as it provides almost everything I need (except for my own unique functionality), but it is an internal API (so liable to change). I see the RegisterView and ExpressionView both extend it, but they are also internal. And it appears they are hardwired into the source (as opposed to plugin.xml style and so not suitable for a plugin).

Is extending VariablesView the way to go (with associated risk of change)? If so, how do I plug it in?

If not, what is the best way to write a debug view? I was hoping to avoid re-inventing the wheel (of VariablesView)...

Any advice welcome!


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