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AW: [cdt-dev] Aboud content assist failures and committingfailingJunit tests

Hi all,

thanks for your opinions. Here is what I did:

- I have now ported all the content assist tests to the CContentAssistProcessor2
- I made them so that they reflect my understanding of what the processor should return as results in the given situation. There were a few places where I was not completely certain what is correct, so these expected results are of course open to discussion.
- I did not do anything to make a failing test look green. 
- 6 tests succeed as they are, 33 fail. I will try to look into the failures in more detail and create bug reports as appropriate. 
- I have now also created a test suite which neatly wraps the tests, org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests.text.contentassist2.ContentAssistProcessor2_Suite. Run the suite to reproduce my results. Also it is now a one-liner to include all the tests in the plug-ins top-level test suite (org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests.AutomatedSuite)
- I will probably not be able to help significantly with repairing the defects. That's why I still hesitate to actually put my suite into the AutomatedTestSuite, and to re-activate the AutomatedTestSuite for the nightly builds. If we do put them in this will give us pretty bad statistics and I understand from Doug's comments that a number of tests is obsolete and does not point to real errors. I'd love to see org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests back in the nightly build but I am not sure whether I can help to get this done.

So for the time being this is an invitation to run the suite and look at my port of the test cases. And stay tuned for a few bug reports which I will prepare.



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Betreff: RE: [cdt-dev] Aboud content assist failures and committingfailingJunit tests

I'd rather go for 1b and 2b, although if the category 2 
tests all share the same reason why they are failing,
then one bugzilla for this reason should do it.

And I would vote for adding the tests to the nightly builds!

My 2 Euro Cents.


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> committing failingJunit tests
> Hi folks,
> so I ported a number of Junits for the content assist 
> processor over to
> the new CCompletionProcessor2 and they generally fall into 2 
> categories:
> 1) After the port the tests can be made to work reasonably, there are
> minor deviations from the expected results.
> 2) The completion processor cannot create a completion node at all.
> For category 1) I commited these tests to the repository, they can be
> found in package org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests.text.contentassist2. I made
> verbose comments, describing the deviations, but twisted the code so
> that the tests shall be green when they are run. The clean 
> way would be
> to let the tests be red and create bugzilla entries describing the
> problems. But I was shy to commit test code that would fail.
> For category 2) I did not yet commit these because they fail so badly,
> and, as above, I did not want to commit failing tests. I do not think
> that I will be able to repair the deficiencies on my own, for 
> the moment
> I can just be the supplier of well-documented bug reports.
> Here are some alternatives of what I could do next:
> Category 1 failures:
> a) Create bugzillas for the category 1 failures, but leave the code so
> that the tests remain green.
> b) Create bugzillas for the category 1 failures, and make the tests
> actually fail until the completion processor and it's subsidaries are
> repaired.
> Category 2 failures:
> a) Create bugzillas for the category 2 failures, with the 
> test case code
> attached, but not commit the code to the repository.
> b) Create bugzillas for the category 2 failures, and commit 
> them to the
> repository.
> ... and the final big question: Should the tests in
> org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests, including my content assist stuff, 
> be added to
> the nightly build tests? (See also my earlier email of today for this
> subject)
> Thanks for opinions
> Norbert Ploett
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