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RE: [cdt-dev] source attachment fororg.eclipse.cdt.debug.internal.core

Many thank the source all setup.  Now I'm trying to debug
the actual problem of why doSourceLookup is returning an empty list, and
I'm kind of confused.  When the debugger starts and the breakpoint hits,
doSourceLookup is called and everything looks finds the
right file, all the variables look like what they should be, jumps back
to isSameBreakpoint and then setCBreakpoint, and a valid breakpoint is

But then doSourceLookup is called again...and query.getSourceElements()
is returning an empty list.  Anyone have any hunches?  Is there anything
I should maybe know about that has changed in this area since the 3.1.x
compatible CDT?  I appreciate any help, I don't usually reach out like
this but I'm trying to fix this bug as quickly as possible...thanks
- Ryan

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Doug Schaefer wrote:
> Hmm, the SDK should work. But the source out of CVS is always best
> since it's easier to create patches from it J. 

We use the SDK for our development, since our product is always
developed against the "released" version of CDT.  I haven't switched to
Callisto yet, but these steps work for me with CDT 3.0.2.  The step you
are most likely missing is #3.

-1. Import->External Plug-ins and Fragments...
-2. Change "Plug-in Location" to the directory where your CDT plugins
-3. Click "Source Code Locations..." and add
"plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.source_3.0.2/src" and
-4. Click "Next"
-5. Add all of the CDT plugins, Click Finish.

I think you can also change the plugin source locations in the
preferences after the projects are created.  Sometimes we had problems
in the past with this taking immediate effect on already existing
projects, so that is something to look out for.  Hopefully this helps,

  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation
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