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[cdt-dev] source attachment for org.eclipse.cdt.debug.internal.core


I’m working on a plug-in which provides a different editor to Eclipse, which works with the CDT to provide C debugging/build support.  Currently having an issue when debugging C++ code and stopping on a breakpoint:  when the debugger stops at the breakpoint, instead of opening up an editor (our editor) and jumping to the line of the breakpoint I get the error “Source lookup not found.”  I was trying to debug why exactly this is happening, and it looks like doSourceLookup() is returning an empty list, however I’m having trouble “seriously” debugging my problem because I can’t configure the source attachment for CBreakpointManager, or anything else in org.eclipse.cdt.debug.internal.core L.  When I go to the project properties and Java Build Path > Libraries and select the Source attachment under the .jar, I can’t click the ‘Edit...’ button.  I was hoping maybe one of you might have an idea of why this is, and how I can get the source attachment configured…?  And obviously if anyone has any hunch as to the reason behind the “actual” problem that would be a welcome bonus.  Thanks!

- Ryan

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