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[cdt-dev] Posible bug in cygwin / manage build

Before opening a bug report I want to check if I'm not forgeting anything.
I create to Manage make c++ projects, proj1 & proj2 and then I make
proj2 depend on proj1. And trying to compile it gives me this error:
**** Build of configuration Debug for project Prueba ****

Build error
(Exec error:Access is denied.
Anyway the makefile generated has this looks(mind the dos paths).

       -cd T:/whateverDebug/libProj1.a && $(MAKE) clean all

# Tool invocations
libProj2: $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) T:/whateverDebug/libProj1.a
       @echo 'Building target: $@'
       @echo 'Invoking: GCC Archiver'
       ar -r "libProj2.a" $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) $(LIBS)
       @echo 'Finished building target: $@'
       @echo ' '

# Other Targets
       -@echo ' '

.PHONY: all clean dependents

Mind the paths in Dos notation instead of Cygwin, that renders the
file incorrect.
$ make
makefile:49: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.

Also I notice that it works correctly with CDT head four weeks ago.

Do you think it is a really a bug? Or I'm doing something wrong.



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