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RE: [cdt-dev] Query regarding auto-discovery of include paths

Hi Virender,


If you are using standard or managed make, then you can use an “org.eclipse.cdt.make.core.ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile” extension point to define the discovery profile for you tools.

Then, in case of the ManagedMake projects you can associate the proper discovery profile with your tool-chain by specifying the profile ID via a toolChain::scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId attribute of your tool-chain definition. In case of the Standard make project, users currently have to specify the profile manually either during the project creation using the “Discovery Options” tab of the “C/Make Project Settings” wizard page or later via project properties using the “Discovery Options” tab of the “C/C++ Make Project” property page.


Both the managed and standard make actually use the PathEntry Container mechanism of the CDT Core PathEntry framework, so in case you are using some custom Build System, you might want to use the Container mechanism directly.



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When a new C/C++ project is created, certain paths get added to Discovered Paths/Include Paths. Is it possible to add any path to this list manually after the project has been created ? There is an option to Add External Include Paths, but that does not add paths under Discovered Paths/Include Paths. How does CDT acually auto-discover these paths - does the user have any control over this during project creation ?




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