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[cdt-dev] Using CDT with IBM's xlc compiler and xldb debugger

Hi All,

Has anyone attempted (and succeeded) to configure CDT to use xlc and/or
xldb ?

What do I need to provide in order to use of xlc instead of gcc ? Simply
setting this compiler is not enough since CDT is unable to parse error
messages from xlc.
Does anyone have a patch/configuration details that will allow me to see
xlc errors in the problems view ? .. and of course can share those with me.

For the use of xldb I understand that I need some mysterious definitions
file that should allow CDT to 'understand' and issue commands such as set
breakpoint, next line, ec.
Does anyone possess such a file ?

Thanks in advance,

CodeAnalyzer -
IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
Haifa University, Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
Phone: (972) 4-829-6042, Fax: (972) 4-829-6116

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