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[cdt-dev] How to get CDT parser to search -I includes before default includes

Hi All,

Although I have followed the discussion relating to setting options in managed projects for adding include paths I couldn't figure out how to solve the following related problem.

I want user defined include paths (i.e., those added with -I by adding a path in tool build configuration) to come before the default set of include paths. Currently the CDT parser always adds the -I paths afterwards.

I can easily get all of the include paths for a specific resource from the getScannerInfoProvider(file).getIncludePaths(), however it is impossible to understand which are specified by -I and which by default.

I've tried, but unsuccessfully, to get the paths via the options of a managed project.

So, can anyone please help me either

i) determine how each include path was specified (i.e., is default or via -I) so that I can reorder them myself or ii) explain how to make the -I paths always come before the default paths when using the CDT parser.

Clear this is not a problem for the target tools as they search -I include paths before default paths.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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