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[cdt-dev] Turning off ctags indexer

Hey gang,


I am continuing to feel the affects of trying to replace five people with myself. To help make sure we reach the dates with good quality, I am going to reduce content. Since the PDOM Fast indexer is now pretty fast, I am going to turn off the ctags indexer. I have not had the time to port it over to the PDOM completely. Also looking at the info we get from ctags, I’m not sure how the features that used the index worked well at all.


Also, in the future, I can see now how I can get the DOM parser to work like ctags and probably have it produce better results. The ctags indexer was really meant as a stop gap to make sure we could get some index info for large projects in a reasonable time. This may longer be necessary.


As always, I’m open to feedback. In this case, however, the ctags indexer will only be brought back if someone steps up to work on it.



Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems

Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC member



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