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RE: [cdt-dev] Error in opening headers

Looks like an error to me. Please raise a bug. Thanks.

Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC member

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Error in opening headers

Hi all,
there is a behavior in cdt that's making me crazy... It is a trouble 
that shows only in a Standard Make project.

Usually, you can open the various included files through the Outline 
by double click, moving in the include directories. But if you try to 
do this in a Standard Make project, you get an error message. This 
doesn't happen if you try to open a file included by a project file 
(eg. opening iostream from an helloworld.cpp file), but iterating 
this procedure (eg. opening istream or ostream from the previously 
opened iostream).

The attached image gives an example.

I think that this behavior leads to another error... checking the 
"Follow #include's when parsing working copies", sometimes (usually, 
when working with Standard Make) you get a broken Outline window, 
with a partial list of includes, namespaces, ecc.

This behavior shows both in 3.0.2 and in 3.1.0rc.

Is it fine that cdt does this... or is an error?

Thanks in advance!


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