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[cdt-dev] Whether gdb MI commands should work from Eclipse or not?


Hi All,

I have a doubt regarding "Running gdb MI commands from Eclipse".

Steps what I followed are:

1. Installed Eclipse and extracted cdt plugin's in plugin folder of
2. Ran Eclipse as a Work Bench.
3. Created a c++ project in runtime-workbench.
4. Started debugging the project.
5. Entered the MI command in Debugger Process console.
    -break-insert CarTest.cpp:32

  Output was 
    Undefined command: "-break-insert".

  My doubt is whether it is supposed to work or not, because gdb CLI
commands like "break CarTest.cpp:32" works perfactly fine while running
on Debugger Process console, On simlar lines whether gdb MI commands
should work or not?

Thanks in Advance.

Ruchi Arora

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