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[cdt-dev] Converting code to Eclipse 3.2 and CDT 3.1 - update manager problems

I am finally getting around to converting some PTP tools ("MPI Development
Tools" generalized to "Parallel Language Development Tools" or PLDT)
to CDT 3.1 and Eclipse 3.2, after some brief look at this a couple of weeks
It used alot of the old CSearch etc. which, it seems,  will now use PDOM
search stuff... among other things.. AST walking etc. (I'll start a
different thread about this)

I decided to start with a fresh Eclipse 3.2RC2 after yesterday's CDT call
and CDT 3.1 RC0.

I downloaded Eclipse 3.2RC2 (for Windows.. my part of PTP works fine on
and tried to use the Callisto update site (builtin to the 3.2RC2 install)
and the CDT update site
as per Doug's previous note.

However, the Update sites, or at least the update manager,  don't work. It
wants to install into a linked directory I used for a previous version of
It won't let me change it..
I found some similar bugs in bugzilla in the last month or so but they are
marked as resolved.
Is there a zip file yet of CDT 3.1 RC0?
Actually, I like using the linked dirs, it's easy to swap out versions of
Otherwise I will work from HEAD...
...Advice? I'm tired of spinning my wheels bringing up all the newest base
stuff, and want to dig into using new PDOM Search etc...

The Update Mgr and I have never been friends, but I'd like to learn to love
it .... *sigh*


Beth Tibbitts  (859) 243-4981  (TL 545-4981)
High Productivity Tools
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Mailing Address:  IBM Corp., 455 Park Place, Lexington, KY 40511

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