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[cdt-dev] F3 functionality problems

	I had a question about the f3 functionality.  I am a user of cdt 3.0.1 and 
eclipse 3.1.2.  I have make a workspace that holds about 200 cpp files, and 
some others.  Most all of these file compile correctly.  I also am using the 
full indexer.  I usually just zip up my entire workspace and transport it to 
different pc's which also run eclipse and cdt.  My problem is the f3 function 
will find a match and open it in a new editor for all the pc's except for my 
main pc at work..

When i press either the f3 key, right click and select open decloration or if 
i hold ctrl down and select the memeber, it looks like its doing something 
then returns as if nothing happened. I also dont get the red message at the 
bottom "No declarations found".  I am able to select the member and right 
click and choose "all members/declarations" and that will bring up some 
results in the search window.

This f3 functionality works on all the other pc's.  does anyone have any ideas 
on where i can look to make some change in a settings area.  I have also 
tried to use different versions of cdt and eclipse.  I have also verified 
that my include paths are set up correctly..  any ideas?


To Err is human, and to blame it
on a computer is even more so..

Brian Black

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