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[cdt-dev] Question regarding console


I have an external (command-line) simulator that I connect to through GDB.
During debug, it outputs various debug/progress messages to its stdout.

I have written a small plugin that allows the simulator to be configured and
launched from within Eclipse, with it's stdio appearing in an Eclipse
Console. I used the DebugPlugin to do this.

Whenever my simulator writes to stdout, it's Console is shown. I also have
consoles for GDB output and for the stdio of the program under debug. I'd
like to be able to provide an option to the user so they can select whether
the simulator console will force it's console to be displayed, or not.

Is there a way to stop a console displaying itself in this way? i.e. I'd
like the console to operate entirely in the background, until the user
chooses to display it.



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