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Re: [cdt-dev] Build directory

There is for sure an inconsistency between Make Builder tab in project Properties dialog and the build behavior. Make Builder tab does allow a file system path, either by typing, or through a string substitution variable. The build seems to silently ignore any build directory it does not like and use the project directory instead. I don't see any reason why the build directory should be restricted to the workspace. Build is performed by calling an external tool, so it doesn't make sense to not allow that tool to be executed in any directory. Why should build using an external tool be more restrictive than external tool execution through Run->External Tools?

The linked folder workaround proposed by Mikhail unfortunately does not work for me. The directory tree rooted at the directory where I need to run make is so huge, that an attempt to create a linked folder to it brings Eclipse to its knees. I guess, I'll have to wrap make in a shell script to make it work.


On 4/11/06, Sennikovsky, Mikhail <mikhail.sennikovsky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Sergey,


You might want to ask the question like this to the newsgroup, since this is more user question.


I guess the reason why it does not work for you is because you probably specify the file system path, while CDT expects you to specify the workspace path.

If the build directory you want to use is not in your workspace, you should add it with "File"->"New"->"Other.."->"General"->"Folder", press "Advanced >>", select "Link To folder in the file system" and select the directory. This will create a linked resource to the directory you need in the file system. After that you can specify the workspace path to that directory in the "Make Builder" dialog.




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Sorry for spamming you with a silly question. I have a make project. To build it I have to run make in a specific directory. I've specified build directory in C/C++ Make Project->Make Builder, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the working directory when executing make. No matter what I do, make is executed in the project directory. Is this a bug, or does build directory mean something different? I'm using CDT 3.1 I200604090500 with Eclipse 3.2M6.


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