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[cdt-dev] IBM XL C/C++ support in Eclipse/CDT


I've been googling, searching the mailing lists and IBM site for a few days now and still cannot find any solution to my problem.

Is there any support pack to the Eclipse/CDT GUI for the IBM XL C/C++ compiler? You see, our customer (automotive) needs a compiler on some of their AIX machines (p570's), and they picked the last version (8.0) of the mentioned product. The problem is, that since VisualAge C/C++ 5.0 (previous name of the XL C/C++), IBM dropped the support for graphical IDE. Ever since I've been trying to make Eclipse work with this C compiler, but to no avail.

Is this the proper list to ask about this, and if so, is it possible to manually configure CDT for this compiler or yet better, download some kind of support pack?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

David Kubíček
System Specialist

gedas ČR s.r.o.
Mladá Boleslav, Husova 217
Phone:  (420) 326 329 359
Movile: (420) 724 073 280
Email:  kubicek@xxxxxxxx

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