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[cdt-dev] wxGTK integration in Eclipse 3.1.1 problems!

Usuallly to compile wxWidgets samples you need to to modify the project
"g++" command to:

g++ myfoo.cpp `wx-config --libs --cxxflags` -o myfoo

Now the question to you guys is:

Is in CDT a usrvariable that makes it possible for me to replace with
myfoo.cpp ?!

1. I want of course CDT replaces the variable with the current c++ file
which I want to compile. That would be great. Is that possible?

g++ $VAR1 `wx-config --libs --cxxflags` -o $VAR2

that $VAR1 is being replaced with the current C++ project file I want to
compile and $VAR2 is the ouptut name.

2. Can I modify CDT to run the g++ command only, instaed after it
"make"?! Because the g++ command automaticly creates this what I want.

for any help your side...

Thank you


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