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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT at Eclipsecon

Hi folks,

I have to speak up, since I am on the Program Committee for EclipseCon
2006, and this complaint has been voiced by several talk submitters

There were over 170 submissions for Long Talks, and only 48
developer/user track slots available!  It was difficult to get even 1
talk for each project, let alone several.  Here are the CDT-related
talks that I can see:

Using the CDT on Large Legacy Projects - Doug Schaefer -

Parallel Application Development With Eclipse - Greg Watson -

10 Tough Decisions You Must Make When Developing An Eclipse-based IDE -
Ken Dyck -

Adding a New Language to the CDT - Jeff Overbey -

I think this representation is pretty good.  It's a diverse group of
topics around CDT, and it reflects the Program Committee's desire to
have above-average representation of the CDT project.

Regarding short talks, perhaps you should put together your preferred
list of CDT short talks.  I'd be happy to bring that list to the
committee.  We are meeting on Friday to make short talk selections.

Doug G 

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Usually we have some very good (and very long!) Birds of a Feather
sessions at EclipseCon where we do a lot of discussion and planning.
Unfortunately most (but not all) of the CDT related long talks were
rejected.  We still might have some short talks.  There is also the
opportunity to waylay us over lunch or over beers so that you can pick
our brains about things that are on your mind.

If you are looking for an opportunity to network with the CDT committers
and contributors, and an opportunity participate in our discussions,
then the trip would likely be worth it for you IMHO.  Obviously that's a
decision that ultimately you have to make for yourself though.
Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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> Hi all,
> Is there going to be much CDT activity at Eclipsecon? I've had a look
> the
> schedule and there doesn't seem to be much happening around CDT. I'm
> wondering whether it will be worth going (I'll have to pay for myself,
> flights from UK included!).
> Thanks,
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> Derek
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