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[cdt-dev] LaunchConfigurations: Starting a debug process as root

Hi there,
can somebody help me with this: We are creating our custom launch
configuration. The launch configuration delegate extends

When the user checks a button the new process should be started with
root privileges. My scheme for doing this (which will of course only
work on Linux) was to modify the command line so that the program is
started with sudo:

(Normal launch)
/mypath/myapplication arg1 arg2 argn

(root launch)
sudo /mypath/myapplication arg1 arg2 argn

This requires that 
- the program name is set to "sudo"
- the original program name becomes the first command line parameter
- all other parameters are shifted

The parameter stuff is no problem: I can override
AbstractCLaunchDelegate.getProgramArguments() to prepend the original
program name to the arguments string.

The program name however comes (ultimately) from the static method
AbstractCLaunchDelegate.getProgramName() which I cannot override. 

Now since AbstractCLaunchDelegate is designed to be a class that should
be widely usable for people who want to implement their own launch
delegates, wouldn't it be useful if there were overrideable _instance_
methods for the stuff which is read from the configuration. This would
allow for fiddling with all aspects of the standard configuration
properties if that is needed? As it is the case with

Any opinions on that? Or another, simpler way to achieve what I want to

Thanks for reading this far :-)

Norbert Ploett

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