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RE: [cdt-dev] Questions about tagging of files in CVS

The platform uses a releng tool which will automatically tag plug-ins and
update & check-in the maps files used by the PDE build process. This with
the use of the .qualifier tag in the version number of your plug-ins should
provide everything you're looking for.  The tool essentially provides a
'Release...' action in the team menu which take you through a wizard to
perform the action.  Note: you will have to slightly modify the releng tool
plug-in to work with your maps files but it pretty straight forward.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Questions about tagging of files in CVS
> We use the Eclipse PDE environment for automated plugin builds and we
> would like to automate tagging of files in CVS.
> Does anyone use an automated system to tag Eclipse plugins in CVS?
> Does anyone use an automated system to increment feature and plugin
> version numbers for each build?
> Please, share your thoughts about automated and/or manual processes for
> building and tagging.
> Thank you.
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