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RE: [cdt-dev] Building CDT with out changes

We're doing this currently, with the only slight difference being that
all of our Code Composer Essentials source, plus the Eclipse and CDT
sources, all live in ClearCase, so we had to patch the ANT builder to be
able to handle ClearCase and tweak the mapfiles to match.

We build the Eclipse platform feature, then build the CDT feature, then
build our own feature.  None of the features have overlapping plugins or
include other features as dependencies, although the dependencies of the
features do include any required plugins from Eclipse or CDT.

Not sure if this helped you any but hopefully it's something.  Our build
engineer is on vacation right now so that's all the help I can be for
the timebeing I'm afraid.

Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
Texas Instruments, Toronto
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Building CDT with out changes
> I've been struggling to get our builds going and was hoping someone
> could lend a hand.  We make some modifications to a few CDT plugins.
> Some of our plugins depend on these modified CDT plugins.  We have
> created a feature plugin and are trying to build it in the same
> that Eclipse itself is built using the headless builds.  I have read
> and created the map file, customTargets.xml and for
> feature.
> The main problem seems to be getting our modified CDT stuff to build,
> and have the jar files remain in the headless workspace so that our
> plugins will build.  We want to keep the features separate (CDT and
> own).  We need to check out the CDT sources from our own repository
> our changes.  Basically what I have done is take
> and created a map file for it corresponding to our repository.  I
> include the CDT feature in our feature plugin and make it a
> When I run the build of our feature I expect it to build the CDT
> and then our own.  I haven't gotten very far with this approach thus
> far.
> I guess it would help to know if anyone else is doing something
> and if I am on the right track or not.
> Thanks,
> Warren
> Nokia Developer Tools
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