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[cdt-dev] CPPUnit integration?

Hey everyone!

I've been using CDT lately, and it's pretty nice!  I'm definitely looking 
forward to using it for my C++ development.

In fact, I wanna contribute.  I would like CPPUnit integration in CDT, much 
like Junit is integrated into Eclipse.

The problems for me are as follows:
1. I'm not familiar with the CDT code base.  It would be of the utmost help if 
the current developers would create some interfaces/method stubs and 
"connect" them to the rest of the CDT code base, and I could just fill them 
2. I'm not sure how much work it would be.  It would be nice CPPUnit in CDT 
would work exactly like JUnit, but that may not be possible for technical 
reasons.  We'll see.

Take care everyone, and keep up the good work!

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