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[cdt-dev] CDT debugger question


I have an executable that I built externally to Eclipse that I wish to load
and debug via the Eclipse interface. 

I have defined an empty project ("test") and then have then defined a new
debug configuration ("test"). In the "C/C++ Application" field on the debug
config dialog, I have browsed to my binary ("fred.exe"), but I immedately
get an error "The CPU is not supported by the selected debugger". The
executable *is* supported, but I suspect that CDT is just making an
arbitrary decision! 

Any advice on how to overcome this?

[The reason for doing this is that I have many hundreds of test cases,
developed over several years, before we started using Eclipse. I have better
things to do than create Eclipse projects for all the test cases! So, when
the test case fails, rather than using command line gdb to debug, I'd like
to use Eclipse/CDT, but I can't find a way to load into the debugger]


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