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Re: [cdt-dev] Help Books and Hover Help for CDT

We did exactly that in the MPI development tools part of PTP (Parallel
Tools Platform)
Feel free to install it (1.0 was released recently for that part) or check
out the code from CVS and see the details.  It's in the packages under


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We are trying now to provide some documentation and
online help for our CDT-based plugin as well as some
context-sensitive and hover help during editing of the
source code. For example, we would like to provide
some help for specific APIs, etc.

We managed to integrate our HTML help into Eclipse
generic help system. And it is possible to access it
via the Help menu.

But we would like to provide also the hover help or
more precisely, the kind of help that you usually get
by selecting a certain word and pressing F1 in most
IDEs. This should popup a help window for the given
word (assuming that it is a function name, the
function description should be displayed). In CDT,
I've found a C/C++ Documentation settings in the
project settings. Obviously, there is a possibility to
add some so-called Help Books. But how? I could not
find any description anywhere. What are these Help
Books, which format do they use? Can they be used for
the hover help on APIs at all? Or may be there are
other ways to provide such a functionality? For
example, I've found in Google some information about
RedHat work on a hover-help plugin in 2001. But since
that time there are no further information. Is this
problem solved in the mean-time by RedHat or some
others? It would be also interesting to know, how
C/C++ Help Books relate to JavaDoc-based hover-help
available in JDT. Actually, it would be very nice to
have a generic mechanism for doing this kind of

Another question is more about different Help file
formats. Is there any "relatively easy" way to reuse
WinHelp/RoboHelp docs with Eclipse? Where can I find
information how to do it?

Best Regards,

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